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Linda Blachman's Newsletter, Winter 2013


This occasional newsletter offers ideas, resources, reflections and practices
related to transforming the turmoil of life transitions into a creative path
towards healing, growth and renewal. 





December is here, days are shorter, and the crisp blue days of Indian summer are finally giving way to the cold wet winds of winter. The unease of darkness is playing with the excitement of imminent holiday cheer. Change is in the air. 

All of life is change and we know that from both the turning of the seasons and the shifts in our own lives. And change is what my work is all about.

We tend to live in relatively stable upbeat chapters punctuated by unstable, down times of transition. Both are important and necessary for growth and renewal, but those uncertain, in-between times are more challenging. 

My passion is to help others locate a compass and guide within in order to navigate change with ease and confidence, make wise choices and joyful plans for the next chapter and manifest deep desires for a rich and meaningful life.

And the fastest way I know how to do that is to slow down, go inside and connect with the deepest sources of aliveness, authenticity and meaning.

In order to avoid the discomfort of uncertainty, most of us rush through times of change to premature answers and reflexive actions. But both seasonal and personal transitions call for another way. Just as our bodies require sleep, transitions that lead to genuine renewal require a period of rest, even – especially – during the holidays. 

How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards. 
     – Spanish proverb

Even if you can’t take a full day off each week, or a half-day, or even an occasional lazy nap, try to take a few minutes several times a day to check in with yourself. Close your eyes, slow down your breath. Sense your body’s tensions and needs. Notice any feelings or desires that are bubbling up. Greet anything that’s calling for your attention with tender acceptance. These small steps can replenish your reserves and restore sanity. 


Before you run around to buy gifts, reflect on what others really want from you. It may not require shopping. You might add “presence” to your gift list. Your body, mind, soul and loved ones will thank you for it.

And while you’re at it, consider giving yourself or someone in your life one or more clarifying, healing sessions in coaching or guided imagery! For referrals in December and January, I’m giving a 10% discount on the first two sessions. Contact me for details:

Wishing you holidays filled with fun, gratitude, generosity of spirit . . . and rest!


Linda Blachman, MPH, MA, CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach and Imagery Guide 


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