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Linda Blachman's Newsletter, Summer 2014


This occasional newsletter offers ideas, resources, reflections and practices
related to transforming the turmoil of life transitions into a creative path
towards healing, growth and renewal. 


NEW THIS SUMMER: Midlife Transitions Workshops
                                     Reflections: What Matters Most (below)

Empty nest? Menopause? Divorce? Career shifts? Glimpses of retirement
and aging?

However challenging, transitions at midlife offer exciting opportunities to take charge of your circumstances, recharge your batteries and discover new avenues towards a better life!

I'm delighted to announce workshops for women at midlife and beyond, starting mid-July 2014 in the East Bay:

2 concurrent groups, 5 sessions each
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, Sundays 2-4 pm

Planning and goal-setting for this time in life are more successful and satisfying when they flow from what is most alive, true and meaningful.

With skilled guidance and peer support, this participatory workshop will
help you: 
  • NAVIGATE change with greater confidence and ease
  • CONNECT with your sources of vitality, authenticity and meaning
  • MAKE life-affirming choices and wise plans for a bright next chapter
  • KNOW what matters most to you and start living it now
Each session will engage you with a variety of ideas, practices and resources for connecting with yourself and the present moment and discovering a creative path through change.

              EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $350  ($395 AFTER JUNE 30th)
       For details & to register, contact
                                     or 510.540.8755

Kindly help get word out by forwarding this newsletter to friends, family members and colleagues. I'm happy to send you a PDF flyer to post on-line or at local bulletin boards in your community. And consider registering yourself! Thank you!
More information about my work can be found at:



With two aunts and one cousin having died in the past few months, I am keenly aware of  transitional time and the preciousness of each day.

This morning, my daughter, her wee ones and I made the pilgrimage to San Francisco to visit Uncle Norman. It was, in some sense, a condolence call. Beloved Aunt Jackie was no longer there to greet us. We had to make do with photographs of her, bouquets from her flourishing garden, stories. And yet, the mood was anything but somber. The house had not lost its joy.

Norman, almost 98, fully present and full of life, handed a newly crafted birdhouse, fire-engine red, to five-year old Chloe and Emilie who will turn three on Jackie’s birthday. He gifted my daughter with three plants: “I’ve taken up bromeliads,” he told us. “I have thousand of plants I’m going to give away.” And my girl looked at him with such regard and love just as she had when she was Chloe’s age and Norman showed her how the snake eats the lizard’s tail, which regenerates.

Four generations in one room for a precious flash in time. So much has changed except for what matters – the beauty of these faces, the flowers,
the words of this poem:

The potflower on the windowsill says to me
In words that are green-edged red leaves:
Flower    flower    flower    flower
Today for the sake of all the dead    
Burst into flower.

                        ⎯Muriel Rukeyser

May you tend what is precious to you and grow your garden well.


Linda Blachman, MPH, MA, CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach and Imagery Guide 


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