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Big Texas News from a Big Texas Nerd! My album, Songs in the Key of D&D, will be released digitally this Friday, March 10 on all music platforms for purchase and streaming! The album has been over two years in the works, and any and all support you could provide would be amazing (if all you can do is tweet or post, please use the hashtag #SongsInTheKeyOfDandD)!
The coolest part about this is that I'll be throwing my album release party/concert at SXSW at Nerdist's Backyard Bash at Banger's on the hip & cool Rainey Street in Austin, TX, Friday, March 10 from 2PM-5PM CST.

I'll be playing songs from the album with Maxi Morales and additional tunes with Jason Charles Miller. If you're in town and would like to come, just let me know, and I can get you on the list for free!

Otherwise, this Friday, simply enjoy this labor of love from my producer and friend, Maxi Morales, and me, streaming digitally on all the music apps, so I've been told.
No link provided, yet, but I'll have one for you on March 10, or a quick search of the album title on your music apps that day will also help you find it. 

Shoutout to a friend
My friend, Mike Still, has a podcast on Earwolf called Hard Nation. It's a parody of drive-time political talk radio and they've had wonderful guests make some really funny stuff. Check it out on iTunes here!

I want to know what you're up to! Please reply and share all your good news :) 
All the best,
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