July 28, 2020
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How the Brain Computes
Fifteen years ago, computational neuroscience — which uses mathematical tools to investigate brain function — “wasn’t really a field,” Ila Fiete says. But now computation is the cornerstone of her work at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.
Top Headlines
Novel gas-capture approach advances nuclear fuel management
Multidisciplinary team uses metal organic frameworks to extract radioactive krypton from fuel-reprocessing gasses.
MIT Heat Island
Does ride-sharing substitute for or complement public transit?
In the Chinese city of Chengdu, one-third of ride-sharing might replace public transit trips.
MIT Heat Island
MIT fellowship is at the heart of emergency response in Nigeria
Alumni from MISTI’s Empowering the Teachers program innovate together to save lives.
MIT Heat Island
Arthur Samberg, philanthropist and MIT Corporation life member, dies at 79
Alumnus and Pequot Capital founder had a long and varied association with the Institute.
MIT Heat Island
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In the Media
Small-business loans saved as many as 3.2 million U.S. jobs // Bloomberg
A study co-authored by MIT researchers finds the Paycheck Protection Program helped boost employment by 2% to 4.5% during the coronavirus pandemic.
Will autonomous vehicles bring a jobless future? An MIT report says not so fast // Forbes
Professor David Mindell highlights a report by researchers from MIT’s Task Force on the Work of the Future that explores the future of automation. “What comes to pass is up to us, and will be shaped by policy choices we make today,” Mindell writes.
Watch This
Earlier this month, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard processed its 300,000th Covid-19 test in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the City of Cambridge, and more. Since March, the Broad has steadily increased the pace and scale of diagnostic testing, while also developing test protocols that make them easier to administer and process, all at a low cost. (MIT Medical uses these protocols in their diagnostics.) This recent video provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Broad’s Covid-19 diagnostic process.
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